Meta Slim is unique Slimming therapy that will helps in reducing excessive body weight and makes you look smart. It is made up of pure herbal products that burns the extra fat from your body and maintains your waistline. The intake of Meta Slim Powder along with slightly heated water slowly......

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  • Stay away from fried and junk food.
  • Drink lots of water and eat more fruits.
  • Minimize the sugar intake.
  • Optimum sleep is important to overcome obesity.
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Each 100 ml. contains:
  1. Trifla (40.0 gms.)
  2. Vaividang (15.0 gms.)
  3. Nagarmotha (22.0 gms.)
  4. Ajwain (7.0 gms.)
  5. Pippali (7.0 gms.)
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